Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent regular tables and chairs?

No. Regular tables and chairs are so…. 1990. Picnic tables are more fun, more original, and your guests will relax beneath the shade of our umbrellas. This leads to great casual conversations — and a better party! Check out our Pictures section to see more.

We do rent 6ft banquet tables for food service and party displays.

How big are the tables?

The tables are 6 foot long and 5 foot wide (including the benches).

If you are ordering more than a few tables, you might want to make a layout plan. Remember to leave enough room between tables for walkways, etc.

How many people can sit at each table?

We always say that a table can sit “6 people very comfortably” or “8 friends”. With 8 adults at a table, there is some shoulder rubbing, but that makes for a merrier party!

With children’s parties, you can estimate 8-10 children per table.

Do you provide tablecloths?

No. Our tables are very clean and visually inviting. About 95% of our customers do not use tablecloths.

If you want to add tablecloths, that’s fine. Sometimes a splash of color looks great. Party supply stores (e.g., Party City) sell plastic tablecloths for $1-2 each. Buy the size that fits a 6ft banquet table. The picnic table tops are the same size.

Remember! There is an umbrella pole in the middle of each table, so table cloths will need a hole to allow for this.

Do you rent tents?

No. We do not rent tents. Tents are very expensive, and can be dangerous under certain conditions.

What about the weather?

Ohio weather is always a bit tricky. Our 9ft umbrellas can protect you against some light rain. Each umbrella is locked into a 40lb base — so they’re not going to blow away under windy conditions.

Usually a rain shower is quick to pass. When the sun pops back out, our umbrellas will dry quickly – and with a quick wipe down, the tables will be ready to party!